Mickey mouse the leader of disney was the one that started the war between disney and pixar by sending donald duck (also known as "the white quack") aft

er pixar employees

this attack lead to the death of woody and nemo

mickey mouse died on 27.3.2016 closely after winning the war

mickey mouse's right hand and his favorite executioner goofy the cutter is suspected of having poisoned mickey's cheese after mickey ordered goofy to kill donald duck but no proof of it has been found

mickey's favorite hobbies were:

  • eating cheese
  • eating cheese
  • idk if he ever did anything except eating cheese
  • praising the supreme cat

mickey has been the most powerful dictator ever recorded in history and in under a year he managed to destroy so many brands and so many companies but after his death disney has been going downhill with their new leader goofy the cutter (who later changed his name to goofy the cool guy) who has tried to stay pacifistic but after making a deal with the powerful entity know as EA it lead to many employees abandoning disney

Written by: The Cat

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